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April 2022

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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
Hawker Sea Hawk Mk 100/101PKTM02827Hawker Sea Hawk Mk 100/1011:48Arrived
Supermarine Seafang Mk 32PKTM02851Supermarine Seafang Mk 321:48Arrived
Supermarine Attacker F.1PKTM02866Supermarine Attacker F.11:48Arrived
US Navy Aviation Set WWII (qty 46)PKTM03418US Navy Aviation Set WWII (qty 46)1:700Arrived
RA-5C Vigilante (qty 12)PKTM03420RA-5C Vigilante (qty 12)1:700Arrived
A-6E Intruder (qty 12)PKTM03421A-6E Intruder (qty 12)1:700Arrived
F-14B/D Tomcat (qty 12)PKTM03425F-14B/D Tomcat (qty 12)1:700Arrived
S-3B Viking (qty 12)PKTM03432S-3B Viking (qty 12)1:700Arrived
PLAN Type 051C Air Defence DDGPKTM03619PLAN Type 051C Air Defence DDG1:200Arrived
USS Arizona BB-39 1941PKTM03701USS Arizona BB-39 19411:200Jul/Aug
Bismarck 1941PKTM03702Bismarck 19411:200Arrived
USS Missouri BB-63PKTM03705USS Missouri BB-631:200Arrived
HMS Rodney 1942PKTM03709HMS Rodney 19421:200Arrived
USS Enterprise CV-6PKTM03712USS Enterprise CV-61:200Arrived
German Battleship ScharnhorstPKTM03715German Battleship Scharnhorst1:200Arrived
Titanic with USB LED light setPKTM03719Titanic with USB LED light set1:200Arrived
Avro Vulcan B Mk 2PKTM03931Avro Vulcan B Mk 21:144Arrived
OS2U-1 Kingfisher (qty 5)PKTM04201OS2U-1 Kingfisher (qty 5)1:200Arrived
Kamov KA-27 (qty 5)PKTM04202Kamov KA-27 (qty 5)1:200Arrived
F4F Wildcat (qty 5)PKTM04205F4F Wildcat (qty 5)1:200Arrived
SBD Dauntless (qty 5)PKTM04207SBD Dauntless (qty 5)1:200Arrived
Walrus Float Plane (qty 5)PKTM04208Walrus Float Plane (qty 5)1:200Arrived
HMS Westminster F237 Type 23 FrigatePKTM04546HMS Westminster F237 Type 23 Frigate1:350Arrived
Mil Mi-8/17 HipPKTM05102Mil Mi-8/17 Hip1:35Arrived
SS Jeremiah O'Brien D-Day Liberty ShipPKTM05301SS Jeremiah O'Brien D-Day Liberty Ship1:350Arrived

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