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Woodland Scenics Terrain System

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Avail Cat_No Description RRP (inc.VAT)
  WC1136 In Stock WC1136 Shelf Ready Rocks £ 19.00
  WC1137 In Stock WC1137 Faceted Ready Rocks £ 19.00
  WC1138 In Stock WC1138 Rock Face Ready Rocks £ 19.00
  WC1139 In Stock WC1139 Outcroppings Ready Rocks £ 15.50
  WC1140 In Stock WC1140 Surface Ready Rocks £ 15.50
  WC1141 In Stock WC1141 Creek Bed Ready Rocks £ 15.50
  WC1142 In Stock WC1142 Boulders Ready Rocks £ 15.50
  WC1145 In Stock WC1145 O Wood Plank Grade Crossing £ 14.75
  WC1146 In Stock WC1146 O Steel Plate Grade Crossing £ 14.75
  WC1147 In Stock WC1147 HO Wood Plank Grade Crossing £ 11.25
  WC1148 In Stock WC1148 HO Steel Plate Grade Crossing £ 11.25
  WC1149 In Stock WC1149 N Wood Plank Grade Crossing £ 9.50
  WC1150 In Stock WC1150 N Steel Plate Grade Crossing £ 9.50
  WC1152 In Stock WC1152 N Concrete Single Tunnel Portal (x2) £ 10.50
  WC1153 In Stock WC1153 N Cut Stone Single Tunnel Portal (x2) £ 10.50
  WC1154 In Stock WC1154 N Timber Single Tunnel Portal (x2) £ 10.50
  WC1155 In Stock WC1155 N Random Stone Single Tunnel Portal (x2) £ 10.50
  WC1156 In Stock WC1156 N Concrete Double Tunnel Portal (x2) £ 11.25
  WC1157 In Stock WC1157 N Cut Stone Double Tunnel Portal (x2) £ 11.25
  WC1158 In Stock WC1158 N Concrete Retaining Wall Concrete (x6) £ 11.25
  WC1159 In Stock WC1159 N Cut Stone Retaining Wall Concrete (x6) £ 11.25
  WC1160 In Stock WC1160 NTimber Retaining Wall Concrete (x6) £ 11.25
  WC1161 In Stock WC1161 N Random Stone Retaining Wall Concrete (x6) £ 11.25
  WC1162 In Stock WC1162 N Concrete Culvert (x2) £ 8.75
  WC1163 In Stock WC1163 N Masonry Arch Culvert (x2) £ 8.75
  WC1164 In Stock WC1164 N Random Stone Culvert (x2) £ 8.75
  WC1165 In Stock WC1165 N Timber Culvert (x2) £ 8.75
  WC1167 In Stock WC1167 Sticky Spots £ 7.00
  WC1172 In Stock WC1172 2" Support Panels (x2) £ 6.25
  WC1173 In Stock WC1173 4" Support Panels (x4) £ 8.75
  WC1174 In Stock WC1174 1/16" Modeling Sheets (x8) £ 8.75
  WC1175 In Stock WC1175 1/8" Modeling Sheets (x4) £ 8.75
  WC1176 In Stock WC1176 1/4" Modeling Sheets (x2) £ 8.75
  WC1177 In Stock WC1177 Assorted Modeling Sheets £ 8.75
  WC1178 In Stock WC1178 9" X 72" Shaper Sheet £ 13.75
  WC1179 In Stock WC1179 18" X 72" Shaper Sheet £ 26.00
  WC1180 In Stock WC1180 Shaper Sheet Plaster £ 12.25
  WC1181 In Stock WC1181 Road Riser £ 5.25
  WC1185 In Stock WC1185 Easy Rock Carving Tools £ 17.25
  WC1186 In Stock WC1186 Plaster Brush Set £ 13.75
  WC1187 In Stock WC1187 Plaster Mixing Set £ 17.25
    In Stock WC1188 No-News Paper £ 13.00
  WC1191 In Stock WC1191 Plaster Cloth Narrow Roll £ 5.25
  WC1192 In Stock WC1192 Plaster Cloth Triple Roll £ 26.00
  WC1193 In Stock WC1193 Plaster Cloth Sheets (x30) £ 21.50
  WC1194 In Stock WC1194 Plaster Cloth/Modeling Tray £ 20.75
  WC1198 In Stock WC1198 Carving Plaster £ 12.25
  WC1199 In Stock WC1199 Super Strength Plaster £ 12.25
  WC1201 In Stock WC1201 Lightweight Hydrocal £ 12.25
  WC1202 In Stock WC1202 Mold-A-Scene £ 12.25
  WC1203 In Stock WC1203 Plaster Cloth £ 10.50
  WC1204 In Stock WC1204 Latex Rubber 16 fl. oz. £ 16.50
  WC1205 In Stock WC1205 Flex Paste £ 20.75
  WC1206 In Stock WC1206 E-Z Water £ 13.75
  WC1207 In Stock WC1207 The Scenery Manual £ 14.00
  WC1211 In Stock WC1211 Realistic Water £ 22.25
  WC1212 In Stock WC1212 fl. oz. £ 15.50
  WC1215 In Stock WC1215 Earth Colours Kit £ 17.25
  WC1216 In Stock WC1216 White Earth Colours £ 7.00
  WC1217 In Stock WC1217 Concrete Earth Colours £ 7.00
  WC1218 In Stock WC1218 Stone Grey Earth Colours £ 7.00
  WC1219 In Stock WC1219 Slate Grey Earth Colours £ 7.00
  WC1220 In Stock WC1220 Black Earth Colours £ 7.00
  WC1221 In Stock WC1221 Raw Umber Earth Colours £ 7.00
  WC1222 In Stock WC1222 Burnt Umber Earth Colours £ 7.00
  WC1223 In Stock WC1223 Yellow Ocher Earth Colours £ 7.00
  WC1228 In Stock WC1228 Green Undercoat Earth Colours £ 8.75
  WC1229 In Stock WC1229 Earth Undercoat Earth Colours £ 8.75
  WC1230 In Stock WC1230 Outcroppings Rock Mould (5"x7") £ 8.75
  WC1231 In Stock WC1231 Surface Rocks Rock Mould (5"x7") £ 8.75
  WC1232 In Stock WC1232 Boulders Rock Mould (5"x7") £ 8.75
  WC1233 In Stock WC1233 Embankments Rock Mould (5"x7") £ 8.75
  WC1234 In Stock WC1234 Random Rocks Rock Mould (5"x7") £ 8.75
  WC1235 In Stock WC1235 Laced Face Rocks Rock Mould (5"x7") £ 8.75
  WC1236 In Stock WC1236 Classic Rocks Rock Mould (5"x7") £ 8.75
  WC1237 In Stock WC1237 Wind Rock Mould (5"x7") £ 8.75
  WC1238 In Stock WC1238 Weathered Rocks Rock Mould (5"x7") £ 8.75
  WC1239 In Stock WC1239 Strata Stone Rock Mould (5"x7") £ 8.75
  WC1240 In Stock WC1240 Rock Mass Rock Mould (5"x7") £ 8.75
  WC1241 In Stock WC1241 Layered Rocks Mould (5"x7") £ 8.75
  WC1242 In Stock WC1242 Washed Rock Mould (10 £ 10.50
  WC1243 In Stock WC1243 Base Rock Mould (10 £ 10.50
  WC1244 In Stock WC1244 Facet Rock Mould (10 £ 10.50
  WC1245 In Stock WC1245 Creek Bank Rock Mould (2 No. 5"x7") £ 11.25
  WC1246 In Stock WC1246 Creek Bed Rock Mould (5"x7") £ 8.75
  WC1247 In Stock WC1247 Shelf Rocks Rock Mould (10 £ 10.50
  WC1248 In Stock WC1248 Rock Face Rock Mould (10 £ 10.50
  WC1250 In Stock WC1250 Tunnel Liner Form £ 5.25
  WC1252 In Stock WC1252 HO Scale Tunnel Port Concret Single (x1) £ 9.50
  WC1253 In Stock WC1253 HO Scale Tunnel Port Cut Stn Single (x1) £ 9.50
  WC1254 In Stock WC1254 HO Scale Tunnel Port Timber Single (x1) £ 9.50
  WC1255 In Stock WC1255 HO Scale Tunnel Prt Rand Stn Single (x1) £ 9.50
  WC1256 In Stock WC1256 HO Scale Tunnel Port Concret Double (x1) £ 10.50
  WC1257 In Stock WC1257 HO Scale Tunnel Port Cut Stn Double (x1) £ 10.50
  WC1258 In Stock WC1258 HO Scale Retain Wall Concrete (x3) £ 11.25
  WC1259 In Stock WC1259 HO Scale Retain Wall Cut Stone l (x3) £ 11.25
  WC1260 In Stock WC1260 HO Scale Retain Wall Timber (x3) £ 11.25
  WC1261 In Stock WC1261 HO Scale Retain Wall Randm Stone (x3) £ 11.25
  WC1262 In Stock WC1262 HO Scale Culvert Concrete (x2) £ 9.50
  WC1263 In Stock WC1263 HO Scale Culvert Masonry Arch (x2) £ 9.50
  WC1264 In Stock WC1264 HO Scale Culvert Random Stone (x2) £ 9.50
  WC1265 In Stock WC1265 HO Scale Culvert Timber (x2) £ 9.50
  WC1266 In Stock WC1266 O Tunnel Port Concrete £ 15.00
  WC1267 In Stock WC1267 O Tunnel Port Cut Stone £ 15.00
  WC1270 In Stock WC1270 Fine Buff Talus £ 4.50
  WC1271 In Stock WC1271 Medium Buff Talus £ 4.50
  WC1272 In Stock WC1272 Coarse Buff Talus £ 4.50
  WC1273 In Stock WC1273 Extra Coarse Buff Talus £ 4.50
  WC1274 In Stock WC1274 Fine Brown Talus £ 4.50
  WC1275 In Stock WC1275 Medium Brown Talus £ 4.50
  WC1276 In Stock WC1276 Coarse Brown Talus £ 4.50
  WC1277 In Stock WC1277 Extra Coarse Brown Talus £ 4.50
  WC1278 In Stock WC1278 Fine Grey Talus £ 4.50
  WC1279 In Stock WC1279 Medium Grey Talus £ 4.50
  WC1280 In Stock WC1280 Coarse Grey Talus £ 4.50
  WC1281 In Stock WC1281 Extra Coarse Grey Talus £ 4.50
  WC1282 In Stock WC1282 Fine Natural Talus £ 4.50
  WC1283 In Stock WC1283 Medium Natural Talus £ 4.50
  WC1284 In Stock WC1284 Coarse Natural Talus £ 4.50
  WC1285 In Stock WC1285 Extra Coarse Natural Talus £ 4.50
  WC1286 In Stock WC1286 Fine Grey Gravel £ 5.25
  WC1287 In Stock WC1287 Coarse Grey Gravel £ 5.25
  WC1288 In Stock WC1288 Fine Buff Gravel £ 5.25
  WC1289 In Stock WC1289 Coarse Buff Gravel £ 5.25
  WC1291 In Stock WC1291 Road Striping Pen White £ 9.50
  WC1292 In Stock WC1292 Road Striping Pen Yellow £ 9.50
  WC1293 In Stock WC1293 Road Stripe Remover £ 9.50
  WC1294 In Stock WC1294 Flexi Edge £ 9.50
  WC1310 In Stock WC1310 HO Scale Straight Tunnel £ 26.50
  WC1311 In Stock WC1311 HO Scale Curve Tunnel £ 26.50
  WC1315 In Stock WC1315 N Scale Straight Tunnel £ 19.00
  WC1316 In Stock WC1316 N Scale Curve Tunnel £ 19.00
  WC1320 In Stock WC1320 Rocky Ridge Large £ 19.00
  WC1321 In Stock WC1321 Rocky Ridge Small £ 15.50

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