Catalogue No 32-952A

Image of 32-952A

BR Standard Class 4MT 2-6-0

- prototypical daylight gap under boiler

In 1952, Riddles introduced the 76000 Standard Class 2-6-4, a version of Ivatt's 'Mucky Duck' 2-6-0s. Riddles followed Ivatt's design very closely in terms of dimensions, cylinder sizes, wheelbase and boiler pressure etc. However, it did differ significantly in its appearance. The Ivatt design followed wartime austerity design, but Riddles design was far more conventional. The B.R. standard chimney and cab were also fitted.
The construction of the new class was divided between Doncaster and Horwich, and was built for mixed traffic duties. The class was spread around Eastern, North Eastern, London Midland, Scottish and Southern Regions and performed regularly on secondary and cross-country passenger duties.
All Southern locomotives had BRIB 4725 gallon tenders, which were high sided and had nine ton coal capacity. Locomotives from other regions had BR2 and BR2A tenders of 3,500 gallon capacity, holding six tons of coal. British Railways lined black livery was carried throughout and both crest types were carried according to period.
The service life of these locomotives was greatly reduced due to the changeover of steam to diesel traction in the 1960s. In 1964, the first locomotive was withdrawn and the last loco of the class was withdrawn in 1967. Three examples are preserved, 76017, 76079 and 76084.